LT Finance share price target: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2035

L&T Finance Holdings Limited, a prominent non-banking financial institution headquartered in India, offers a diverse array of financial products and services, including Rural business finance, Urban Finance, housing Finance, Farm equipment finance, and SME finance. LT Finance share price target.

Established as a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro, a renowned Indian engineering and construction conglomerate, L&T Finance is publicly listed on both the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Assessing its historical performance, the company faced a decline in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic but subsequently demonstrated a bullish recovery in the market.

As of now, the share price stands at Rs 167.80, marking a significant 92.04 percent increase over the past year, indicating substantial growth potential moving forward.

Our forecast includes projected share price targets for L&T Finance in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, 2030, and 2035, derived from thorough research and technical analysis.

L&T Finance Share Price Target

L&T Finance has demonstrated consistent financial performance over an extended period and delivered substantial returns over the past five years. Analysts predict that the stock price could potentially range from Rs 205 to Rs 315 by 2025 and Rs 475 to Rs 595 by 2028. Bankshala Team holds a unique perspective on the target price, informed by our proprietary research and technical analysis.

Target YearTarget Price

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2024

Based on current market trends, history, and technical analysis, the maximum target price for L&T Finance shares is Rs 170 to Rs 210 by 2024.

Quarterly TargetTarget Price

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2025

The Indian economy is expected to grow and L&T Finance will be beneficial for its diversified business model. Therefore, as per our research, the maximum target price for L&T Finance could be between Rs 275 to Rs 315 by 2025.

Quarterly TargetTarget Price

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2026

Its diversified portfolio is expected to provide long-term returns and an expected minimum share price of Rs 335.10. By the end of 2026, the maximum target price for L&T Finance shares is Rs 370.42 to Rs 412.45.

Quarterly TargetTarget Price

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2028

It may show a downward trend in 2028 and the share price may fall. If this happens, the highest target price for L&T Finance could be Rs 455.25 to Rs 595.20.

Quarterly TargetTarget Price

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2029

According to our forecast system, L&T Finance’s share price could range between Rs 582.50 to Rs 675.30 in mid-2029.

Quarterly TargetTarget Price

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2030

Based on our research and technical analysis, the maximum target price for L&T Finance’s shares could range between Rs 745 to Rs 882.45 in mid-2030.

Quarterly TargetTarget Price

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2035

Based on our research, experience, and technical analysis, the minimum share price could be Rs 1020 to Rs 1235. Whereas the maximum share price target of L&T Finance shares could be Rs 1335 to Rs 1410 by 2035.

Quarterly TargetTarget Price

L&T Finance Business Segments

The company operates various business segments and offers a wide range of financial products and services to its customers. The major business segments of L&T Finance are as follows:

  1. Housing Finance: L&T Finance offers home loans, loans against property, non-residential property, and more.
  2. Infrastructure Finance: The company provides funds for infrastructure projects such as power, roads, and renewable energy.
  3. Investment Management: The investment management arm of L&T Finance manages mutual funds and other investment products for individual and institutional clients.
  4. Two Wheeler Finance: L&T Finance offers loans for the purchase of vehicles such as two-wheelers, trucks, and buses.
  5. Wealth Management: The Wealth Management division of L&T Finance provides investment and advisory services to high-net-worth individuals and families.
  6. Microfinance: L&T Finance also provides micro loans to low-income individuals and small businesses.
  7. Rural Finance: The company provides financial products and services to customers in rural areas, like agriculture and farm equipment loans, used tractor loans, refinance loans, tractor loans, etc.

These business segments are designed to meet the diverse financial needs of customers from different income segments and groups. Hence, the broad portfolio helps in diversifying its exposure and revenue streams.

Compounded Growth of L&T Finance

YearSales GrowthProfit Growth
Last Year10%68%
3 Years-3%28%
5 Years5%23%
10 Years12%20%

L&T Finance’s future growth prospects

L&T Finance is a reputed company in the financial sector and expanded its businesses all over India. The company has diverse financial products and services that help contain recession and drive future growth. The company has registered a healthy profit growth of 23.4% CAGR in the last 5 years.

Here are some of the key growth prospects for L&T Finance in the coming years:

  • Business Expansion: L&T Finance is expanding its financial product presence into newer markets, especially in rural and semi-urban areas. Thus helping the company reach out to the unbanked and underbanked populations in these areas.
  • Focus on digital initiatives: The company is improving its financial operational efficiency by investing in digital technologies. Such as mobile banking and online loan applications, which attract new customers and retain existing customers.
  • Diversification of products: The company focuses on the diversification of its financial products, such as tractor loans, home loans, consumer loans, property loans, etc. Which helps to reduce risk and increase revenue streams.
  • Strategic Partnerships: L&T Finance has partnered with other companies in the financial sector to expand its offerings and improve its position in the market.

Overall, L&T Finance’s strong financial performance, diversified portfolio, and strategic initiatives will help position it further for future growth in the Indian financial sector.

Risk Factors

Many factors may affect L&T Finance’s share price in the future, such as the performance of the Indian economy, interest rates, regulatory changes, and competition from other financial institutions.

So, you must keep checking the financial performance, revenue growth and profitability of the company.

Shareholding Pattern

Foreign Institutions11.35%
Domestic Institutions4.36%
Retail & Others15.94%
Mutual Funds2.24%


What is L&T Finance?

L&T Finance is a financial services company in India, that provides financial products and services, such as vehicle loans, rural finance, housing loans, and more.

What is the target price of L&T Finance shares in 2025?

The share price target for L&T Finance shares in 2025 is Rs 290.55 to Rs 315.22.

What is the target price of L&T Finance shares in 2026?

The estimated target price for L&T Finance shares is Rs 395.10 to Rs 412.45 by 2026.

The estimated target price for L&T Finance shares is Rs 395.10 to Rs 412.45 by 2026.

The expected target price for L&T Finance shares is Rs 490.00 to Rs 595.20 by 2028.

Disclaimer: The target prices provided for L&T Finance shares on our website ( are intended for general informational purposes only. Please note that we are not registered with SEBI as financial advisors, and none of the content on our website should be construed as financial advice for your investments.

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